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Who We Are

Committed to excellence from start to finish.

In 1947, two brothers began a small land clearing business in Darlington, South Carolina. Clearing land for farming operations brought the brothers to Horry County. After the devastation of Hurricane Hazel, massive cleanup efforts and beach restoration was needed all along the coast of the Grand Strand. The aftermath of Hazel brought the brothers to Aynor, SC permanently and this business would become the present day Goodson Construction Co., Inc. 

Goodson Construction's adaptable, flexible, and versatile nature would allow the company to transition into golf course construction resulting in approximately sixty golf courses across both Carolinas. It was by establishing an excellent reputation for providing quality work and exceptional support services that Goodson emerged as a leader in the golf course construction industry.   

In recent years, Goodson has been extensively involved in large excavation and site preparation projects, underground utilities, highway construction, beach restoration projects, including commercial, residential, and private development projects. It is standard practice for our company to go the extra mile to ensure excellence in our performance. Taking great pride in our work is evident in the finished product. 

Today, Goodson Construction Co., Inc. is owned and operated by Michael C. Goodson.  

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